Three Days Grace
Background information
Origin Norwood, Ontario, Canada
Genres Alternative metal, hard rock, post-grunge
Years active 1992 - 1995 (as Groundswell)
1997 - Present
Labels Jive Records, RCA Records
Website [1]
  • Wave of Popular Feeling as Groundswell (1995)
  • Three Days Grace (2003)
  • One-X (2006)
  • Life Starts Now (2009)
  • Transit of Venus (2012)
Matt Walst
Barry Stock
Neil Sanderson
Brad Walst

Year Song Peak Certification Album
2012 "Chalk Outline" 1 3× Platinum Transit of Venus
"The High Road" 18 Gold
"Unbreakable Heart" 11 Platinum
2014 "I Am Machine" 30 TBA

Year-end positions Edit

Song Year
2012 2013
"Chalk Outline" 9 167
"Unbreakable Heart" 65 127
"The High Road" 183 105

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